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Network Installations
This section handles all issues relating to installing on a network.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) I get a message saying "Unable to open configuration database ..." when the second 1st Class GradeBook client tries to start up.
(Answer) I am not prompted for a user id even though I have created the USER.LST file.
(Answer) I did everything as instructed but 1st Class Gradebook will not start up. What should I do?
(Answer) Some clients machines will not run 1st Class GradeBook properly and/or say there is a version error. What should I do?
(Answer) I would like to put 1st Class GradeBook on the network. How can I do this?
(Answer) I want to setup 1st Class GradeBook on the network so that the councilor has access to all the teacher's grades files. How can I do this?
(Answer) How do I reset the network admin password?
(Answer) Some of my client computers are taking a long time to load over the network. What is wrong?

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