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I am not prompted for a user id even though I have created the USER.LST file.
Windows 95/98/NT has a nasty habit of adding ".txt" on to 
any text file you are editing. When you look at the 
directory of files you will see "USER.LST" even though 
the actual filename is "USER.LST.TXT". To make windows 
honest you need to follow these steps:

1) Double click on "My Computer"
2) Double click on "C: Drive"
3) Choose "Options" or "Folder Options" from the "View" menu.
4) Click on the "View" tab.
5) Uncheck the option called "Hide file extensions for 
known types / registered file types". The wording of 
this option changes depending on the flavour of Windows 
you are using.
6) Click OK.

Now go back and you will see that the file was actually 
named "USER.LST.TXT". Change the name to "USER.LST" instead.
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