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I want to setup 1st Class GradeBook on the network so that the councilor has access to all the teacher's grades files. How can I do this?
Installing 1st Class GradeBook on the network so that each teacher
has their grades saved to their own network directory (a directory
where only they have access).  In such a setup your user.lst file
might look like:

bsmith, h:\grades\bsmith\bsmith.usr
jdoe, h:\grades\jdoe\jdoe.usr

Now give the councilor network access to all the teacher's network
directories.  In the above example you could just grant the councilor
access to h:\grades and all it's subdirectories.

Now the councilor can access any student's grade files by logging into
the network and running 1st Class GradeBook.  Using the FILE OPEN menu
option from the main 1st Class GradeBook screen the councilor can choose
the h:\grades directory, then select the appropriate teacher's directory,
and finally select the grades file containing the student's grades they
wish to review.  It is recommended that you establish a naming convention
to distinguish between different grading periods so that the councilor
can easily identify which grades file to open.
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