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Some clients machines will not run 1st Class GradeBook properly and/or say there is a version error. What should I do?
Usually client computers will be able to run 1st Class GradeBook off the network drive without any problems but some machines may not run correctly because of library version conflicts. Normally the 1st Class GradeBook installation program fixes these version conflicts as it installs but because these machines have not had the installation program run on them these version issues are not resolved. The solution is to install 1st Class GradeBook on each of the machines not operating correctly and then removing the c:\1stclass directory (or where ever you install it to). Be sure to remove the icons created during the installation as they will point to the local copy of 1st class GradeBook (that you just deleted). Now run from the network and all should work. If it does not please email support@1st-class-software.com and include an asterisk in the subject line of your email for priority service.
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