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I would like to put 1st Class GradeBook on the network. How can I do this?
Installing 1st Class GradeBook on a Network

Step 1: Install 1st Class GradeBook to a shared folder from which you want
        all users to run from.

Step 2: Run 1st Class GradeBook.  From the HELP menu choose REGISTER 1ST
        CLASS GRADEBOOK.  Obtain a special network unlock key from
        1st Class Software (905) 302-9988.  You must have write access to
        1st Class GradeBook when you perform this step.  If while performing
        this step you are prompted to create a new 1st Class Database choose

Step 3: Run 1st Class GradeBook.  Open the Sample.1st file.  Go into the
        setup section and customize 1st Class GradeBook to your school.
        You can set the school name, grading scale, default comments and
        even a default password.  1st Class GradeBook will save your
        settings to a file called "config.usr" located in the 1st Class
        GradeBook directory.  This user configuration file will be used
        as a default setup for each new teacher.  When a new teacher logs
        in for the first time a copy of the config.usr file is copied to
        their home directory (as per step 4)  You MUST perform a
        "File Close" before exiting 1st Class GradeBook.  If you leave
        a database file open and exit 1st Class GradeBook that database
        file name and path will be embedded into the default configuration
        file and all new users will automatically open this database.  If
        you want all teachers to start with a demo database you have set
        up this may be desirable.

Step 4: Beginning with version 7.0y this step can now be performed by
        going to the 1st Class GradeBook setup screen and clicking on
        the Network Admin tab.  You can add and delete users as you

        *** VERY IMPORTANT ***
        When the multi-user mode is on and you log in under your own
        user id any configuration settings you change are for yourself
        only.  To change the defaults you must turn off multi-user mode
        and re-start 1st Class GradeBook.  Now any changes you make will
        be put into the default configuration file.  When a user logs
        in the default configuration file is copied to their local
        configuration file if their local configuration file does not
        exists.  This is usually the case when the user logs in for the
        first time.  If you ever want to reset a users configuration
        settings (including their password) you must delete their local
        configuration file (ie. delete f:\users\jane\jane.usr).  Make
        sure that if you are modifying the default configuration settings
        you do not leave a grades database file open.  If you do the
        users will by default be opening the file you left open.  To
        assure this does not happen ALWAYS use the FILE - CLOSE menu
        option to close the database before exiting the gradebook when
        you are not in mult-user mode (and thus are modifying the default
        configuration settings).

        Those with versions prior to 7.0y follow the instructions below
        or consider upgrading.

        In your text editor (notepad.exe, write.exe, edit.exe) create a
        file called "USER.LST" and save it in the 1st Class GradeBook
        directory.  This file contains a comma delimited list of all user
        ids and a fully qualified path and a filename to the user's
        configuration file.


        bsmith, h:\users\bsmith\bsmith.usr
        jdoe, h:\users\jdoe\jdoe.usr

        Once the "USER.LST" file is in the 1st Class Directory, every
        time 1st Class GradeBook is started it will prompt "USER ID"
        before asking for a password.  If you try to run 1st Class GradeBook
        and you are not prompted for the "USER ID" then the "USER.LST"
        file is NOT in the 1st Class GradeBook directory or is not spelled
        correctly.  (FOR SURE!)

        NOTE that the configuration file will not exist yet.  The first
        time a teacher logs in 1st Class GradeBook will create this
        configuration file from the default configuration file you setup up
        in step 3.  This configuration file should be located in a
        personal working space (on or off the network).  Note that the
        teacher must have write access to this personal work space.

*** Note that you, as a system adminstrator, can bypass the user id prompt
        by renaming the "user.lst" file temporarily.  You may want to do
        this if you intend to update the default settings in the config.usr

*** Note:  If you run 1st Class GradeBook without logging in under a user
        ID you must be careful not to change any settings in the setup unless
        you want to change the default setup.  You must also ensure that you
        perform a "File Close" before exiting 1st Class GradeBook.  If you
        exit while a database file is open all new users will automatically
        attempt to open the database file that you left open.  This is
        most likely not desirable unless you are intending on starting all
        teachers with a demo database. (which will not work if they only
        have read access to the 1st Class GradeBook directory)

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