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Welcome to the 1st Class GradeBook Frequently Asked Questions page. About 98% of all questions are answered via this document. If you cannot find the answer to your question please send an email to support with an asterisk in the subject. ie. ** need help
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(Category) Registration / Unlock Keys
(Category) Orders - How do I order? Where is my order?
(Category) Network Installations
(Category) Operating 1st Class GradeBook - How do I ... ?
(Category) Backing grades up / Transferring grades to another computer
(Category) Troubleshooting - GradeBook Won't Start/Run Properly
(Category) Troubleshooting - Reports / Printing
(Category) Troubleshooting - Grade Calculations
(Category) Troubleshooting - Other / What to do when all else fails.
(Category) I can't find / get to my grades. What should I do?
(Category) Suggestions
(Category) Version Information
(Answer) Refunds / Warranty
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