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Operating 1st Class GradeBook - How do I ... ?

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(Answer) I have forgotten my password. How do I reset my password?
(Answer) How do I start a new term?
(Answer) How do I average several terms together to get a final grade?
(Answer) How do I start all students off with a grade other than "Excused"?
(Answer) No student averages show up on the Quick Marks screen or Reports. How do I get the averages to show up?
(Answer) I need to have weighted sub-categories within a category. How should I do this?
(Answer) I do NOT want the student list sorted after entering new students. I want to control the ordering of the students myself. How can I do this?
(Answer) My gradebook is running sluggish. What can I do?
(Answer) How do I delete one or more of my grades files?
(Answer) I would like to enter grades as a letter grade not a number. How can I do this?
(Answer) I would like to have RANK removed from the reports. How do I do this?
(Answer) I would like to change a grade in my LAST TERM's grades. How do I do that?
(Answer) I would like "Excused" (or another status of my choosing) to NOT appear on the MISSED ACTIVITY REPORT. How do I do this?
(Answer) Several teachers are grading the same students. How do we add grades independently but have each student's report show the grades from all the teachers?
(Answer) How do I start a new term/year keeping information from the last term/year.

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