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Registration / Unlock Keys
This section answers questions relating to problems registering and / or getting unlock keys.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) I need to get another unlock key. How do I do that?
(Answer) I tried to get an additional unlock key online but it says I need to upgrade my license. I have already paid for this software. How do I get my unlock key?
(Answer) When I tried to get an unlock key online I got a message saying "... could not find your registration information". What is going on?
(Answer) I just finished purchasing 1st Class GradeBook. Where is my unlock key?
(Answer) Where do I find my registration code and serial number?
(Answer) When I try go get an unlock key it just says "Your unlock key is: " and no unlock key is given. What should I do?
(Answer) Can I use 1st Class GradeBook at home and at school?
(Answer) Can I use the same unlock key on two different computers?
(Answer) I downloaded the latest upgrade and now I am being asked to register again. My old unlock key does not work. What should I do?
(Answer) I have already purchased 1st Class GradeBook but now I am being asked to register again. What should I do?
(Answer) I am moving everything to a new computer. What do I need to do with respect to the GradeBook?
(Answer) The unlock key is not working. What is wrong?

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