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I need to get another unlock key. How do I do that?
You can get your UNLOCK KEY from our web site. Here 
are the instructions:

*** Please note that each computer requires an unlock
key that has been generated from a registration code
from that computer.  You cannot use an unlock key from
one computer on another.  You must go to each computer
you are registering and record the registration code.
You can then use these instructions to get an unlock
key for each registration code.

1. Install 1st Class GradeBook on your computer(s)
2. Run 1st Class GradeBook.
3. From the HELP menu choose REGISTER.
4. Write down the registration code. It should look 
something like W3ER-WE7IU. 
(Note that every time you bring up this screen a new 
registration code will appear. You can use any one of 
these registration codes.  It does not matter that 
the registration code changes every time.  The computer 
you are trying to unlock will accept the unlock key 
as long as the registration code you are provide came 
from that same computer.  You do NOT need to leave this 
screen on until you receive the unlock key.  You can shut
off the computer go to wherever you have an internet
connection and get an unlock key.  When you are back at
the computer you are trying to unlock just start up the
gradebook and choose REGISTER from the HELP menu and type
in the unlock key you were given.  Do not worry that the
registration number has now changed.)
5. Visit our online UNLOCK system at 
6. You will need to provide your Postal/Zip Code and 
Phone Number. If your school has purchased a site license 
then use the school’s Postal/Zip Code and Phone Number. 
In addition you will need to provide the serial # and 
registration code you recorded in the previous steps.
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