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The unlock key is not working. What is wrong?
This can happen if your computer administrator has installed a software called "Fool Proof" or similar software. This software will return a computer to its original state every time it is re-booted. This software must be turned off when you enter the unlock key into 1st Class GradeBook. You will need to get another unlock key from us. Be sure the "fool proof" software is turned off when you enter in the unlock key. Also if you are running windows 2000 or NT make sure you are logged in as administrator and have full permissions to the entire system.
Another reason for why your unlock key may not be working may be because you do not have enough administrative rights (or full administrative permissions). You may need full access to all files in order to write to the file that will accept the unlock key. Please follow these instructions: Have your computer administration sign on with full permissions and while they are signed on you will need to get your registration code and serial number from the software and obtain your unlock key and then enter you unlock key while they are still signed on. It is important that your administrator be signed on while obtaining your registration code and serial number and also when you are entering you unlock key.
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