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Trouble importing students from excel
I currently own a copy of the program. I have tried to import a list of students from EXCEL. I saved the file as a tab delimited text file. I then change files separated by in the import students window to <9>. I find the file I hit Read/Review bar. The data then appears in the Student Found in Import File field. I have the course name in the first column, student name in second and student ID in the third field. I select the course. I hit select all and import and nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated.

We were able to reproduce this problem in the current version of 1st Class Gradebook. It turns out that excel was adding quotes around the student names. If you open the file up in a notepad and use search and replace to remove all quotes, the problem does not occur. Also, a secondary problem is the fact that the first row contains column titles. To make life easier, we have updated the 1st Class Gradebook website with a new version of the grade book. Please download and install this new version and try again. Please ensure that you remove the row of titles before importing. One more point: You should de-select the option called "the first column is the class name" because the first column in your input file does not contain class names.
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