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How Do I import students from another program to 1st Class Gradebook?
This section is for teachers who have a general understanding of 
computer programming.  Teachers who are unable to independently 
utilize this feature are welcome to consult customer support for 
setup.  Please note that a setup fee will be administered.
Importing Students 
1 From the main screen click on Student. 
2 Click on the Import Students (bottom left corner).
3 Enter the field and record separators. As a default, this gradebook 
selects “The first field is the Class Name”. Please alter this accordingly.
4 Click on Read/Preview File. This will bring you to the Import Students screen.
5 Select the correct drive and folders to find the file with the 
information you wish to import. Highlight the file you want and 
then click OK (the information you import should be saved in a text file).
6 In the “Students Found in Import File” box, there should be 
displayed the information you wish to import from your text file. 
Select students and their information that you want to import.
7 The “Import Student Into” column lists the class and students 
currently in the class.  If you want to change classes, click on 
the downward arrow and a list of all your classes will appear.  
Choose the class you want to import the students to.
8 Click on import and the students you selected will appear in 
the “Import Student Into” column.
9 Click “Done” to exit Import Student screen.
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