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I can't get the gradebook to email reports.
Re-download and install 1st class grade book. Now go to Email configuration tab in the setup section and make sure you have entered all the information on this screen. The lastest version of 1st class GradeBook includes an additional setting that allows you to enter your Account Name / id for your email account. This field is new and may solve the problem you are having. If it does not then do the following:
1) Open up your regular mail program and look at the settings you are using to recieve and send email. This is the screen where you enter your email address, smtp server, pop server, password, etc. Copy down this information. Now open 1st Class Grade Book and check to see if your settings are the same. Be careful to check for typing mistakes. If you do not know where to find these settings then you should contact your system administrator. Your system administrator will know what settings should be and hopefully will help you get 1st class gradebook mailing.
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