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How do I backup/restore my grades database files to a removable media device other than a floppy disk? (ie. a zip drive)
1st Class Gradebook automatically supports backing up your grades database 
files to diskette.  Other devices behave differently than floppy disks and 
are not supported automatically.  If you wish to backup your grades to one 
of these other removable media devices such as a zip drive, here are the 

*** This procedure assumes you know how to use windows to copy files.  If you
 do not please see your school's computer expert.

1)  On the main 1st Class GradeBook screen, look at the top of the screen to
the blue bar.  It should read something like, 
"1st Class GradeBoook  C:\1STCLASS\....".  Take note of the location and name 
of your gradebook file.
2)  Exit 1st Class GradeBook.
3)  Copy the file you noted in step 1 to your removable media drive such as
your zip drive. (It should be a file of type 1ST). 

1)  Copy the file you backed up into the 1stclass folder.
2)  Windows will warn you about replacing a file.  If you are unsure about 
what you are doing, rename the file windows is warning you that you are 
replacing.  Then retry the operation.
send email to support@1st-class-software.com if this does not help solve your problem.
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