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How do I email my database in to 1st Class GradeBook support?
To send your database please follow the instructions below. 
Make SURE you include a detailed description of the problem 
and an EXAMPLE in your database where the problem is occuring 
and/or exact steps to reproduce the problem.  If the problem
has to do with grade calculations please include a DETAILED example 
of how you think the grades should have been calculated.

a) Start 1st Class GradeBook
b) In the title bar of the window take note of the path to your database.
c) Connect to the internet as you would normally do.
d) Create an email as you normally do. Be sure to include a detailed
description of the problem you are experiencing and how to reproduce it.
e) On all popular email programs there is a feature called ATTACH,
ENCLOSE or some other name which means that you can include a file.
Choose this option and you will be prompted for the file to attach.
Browse to the file you wrote down in step "b".
f) Send the email to our support@1st-class-software.com
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