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I cannot login. I get an error message saying that I am licensed for 0 users. What is wrong?
This problem can occur in two cases:

1) You have somehow lost your registration.
2)  A NON-network unlock key has been installed on a network installation.

If you are experiencing this error on all your computers then the
problem is likely 1.  If some computers are experiencing this error
while others aren't then the problem is likely 2.

Here are detailed explainations of the problem and solution:

1) You have somehow lost your registration.  This can occur when:
   a) you alter your operating system (such as installing or upgrading
windows) or if you are installing on a new computer.
   b) Products like FOOLPROOF that reset the state of your computer 
after each reboot can cause this problem.  If this is the cause you 
must turn your FOOLPROOF type product off while you are entering the 
unlock key.
   c) You are upgrading to a version of 1st Class GradeBook that you
are not licensed for.  Upgrades are free for the first year.  
After that upgrades can be purchased at half price ( as per our 
online price list at http://www.1st-class-software.com/price.htm ).

No matter what the cause you will need another network unlock key.
To switch 1st Class Gradebook into single user mode (to bypass the
login error) rename the file "USER.LST" in your 1stclass folder to
a different name.  Now start up the gradebook.  Choose REGISTER from
the HELP menu.  On the register screen there will be a registration
code.  Carefully copy it down and then call 905-302-9988 to get a network
unlock key.  After entering in the network unlock key you can then
exit the gradebook and rename the "USER.LST" file back to it's original
name.  Now start up the gradebook.  If you renamed the "USER.LST" file
properly then you will be asked to log in with a user id.  Try to do
so.  If you still get the same error then try solution 2.

2) A NON-network unlock key has been installed on a network 
installation.  Network installations require a special 
network unlock key which cannot be issued by our website.  To fix 
this problem please download and run the following program on your
computer.  It will remove the non-network unlock key.  Please carefully
note where you save this file to so you can easily find it and run

Once you have unregistered the computer then you will need to test
to see if your problem is resolved.  If it is not then try solution 1.
If you have already done that as well then contact support.
if this does not solve your problem please send email to support@1st-class-software.com
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