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I would like to DOWNGRADE to an earlier version of 1st Class GradeBook. How can I do that?
We do NOT recommend downgrading.  We are providing this information
for use at your own risk.  Downgrading may cause problems between
some versions.  We do not provide support for this procedure.  The
below instructions are to be used in extreme situations only.  We
will not entertain questions pertaining to the below instructions
so be sure to leave yourself a way out if this does not work.

1)  On the higher version computer print out the Spreadsheet Grade
    Report for all your classes.

2)  On the higher version computer backup your grades to diskette
    using the FILE - BACKUP menu option.

3)  On the lower version computer use the FILE - NEW menu option to
    create a new blank database.

4)  Place the diskette from step 2 in the a: drive.

5)  On the lower version computer select the TOOLS - IMPORT DATABASE
    menu option.  Select the a: drive and then your grades database file
    from step 2 and click OK.

6)  If everthing works properly all your grades will be imported.  Go to
    each of the screens and check to see that all your data has been
    tansferred properly.  Print the spreadsheet grade report for each
    class.  Check the report against the results of step 1.
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