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Extra Credit activities do not appear to be included in student averages. What is wrong?
A feature was added in a patch to version 7.0y.  Previous versions 
of 1st Class GradeBoook required that you put extra credit activities 
into a pre-existing activity type (category).  If you put extra credit
activities in their own ACTIVITY TYPE (CATEGORY) the extra cedit
points were ignored because the activity type (category) had a total
possible points of zero which caused the program to skip the activity
type altogether.  The new release of 7.0y (or higher) allows you to 
make an activity type designated as EXTRA CREDIT.  Any points added 
to activities in this activity type (category) will be added directly 
to the final average.

To test to see if you have this feature go to the CLASS screen and 
click on the ACTIVITY TYPE WEIGHTING column.  A button with a down 
arrow on it should appear to the right.  Click on it and a drop 
down list should appear.  It will have entries such as "Don't AVG", 
and "Use Points".  If you have this new feature you will also see 
an entry called "Xtra Credit".  If you have this feature and are
still experiencing this problem it is because you probably designated
the ACTIVITY TYPE WEIGHTING as something other than XTRA CREDIT.
If you do not have this feature you will need to upgrade 
(upgrades are free for a year from the date of purchase).  
Here are upgrading instructions should you need them:

To use this feature simply create an ACTIVITY TYPE (CATEGORY) with 
the ACTIVITY TYPE WEIGHTING set to XTRA CREDIT.  Now add one or more 
activities in the ACTIVITY screen with the RAW TOTAL POINTS set to 
EXTRA CREDIT.  Now when you add any points to a given student in this 
extra credit activity, the points will be added onto the student's 
final average.
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