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I installed a new version of the gradebook and now I can't find my grades. What happened?
The symptoms of this problem include the buttons being greyed out
and when you choose FILE - OPEN you do not see your grades database
file listed.

The problem is likely to be that you installed the gradebook to a 
different location.  (ie. not c:\1stclass)  The easiest course of
action is to re-install in the same location you had originally 
installed to.  To do this follow these steps:

2) Search for *.1st  (Make sure you search "My Computer" so that your
entire computer is searched.)
3) A list of files will be presented of which you should recognise
one or more as your grades database file.
4) The second column shows you where your grades database files are
located.  This is where you had originally installed 1st Class GradeBook
to.  Write this location down.
5)  Now re-install 1st Class GradeBook.  When it asks you where to install
to (the default is c:\1stclass) you should enter in the location as you
wrote it down in step 4.  Be very careful to transcribe this information
correctly.  Spelling counts!
6)  Start up 1st Class GradeBook and click on the FILE - OPEN menu.
If you have done the previous steps correctly you should see your grades
database file(s) listed.  Select your grades file.  Now all your grades
should be available as before.

Alternatively you can find and copy your grades database files to
the new location you have installed to.  You will need to use your
file manager/windows explorer to copy your database files to the new
folder in which you have installed 1st Class GradeBook.  Follow steps
1 to 4 above to find your database files.  If you have trouble following
these instructions you should probably follow the first solution above
or ask your system administrator / computer consultant for help.
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