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When I try to "Make Installation Disks" I get a "DISK FULL" error message. What should I do?
This symptom is most like caused by either of these two problems:
1) An extra file has somehow been put in the distribution folders under your c:\1stclass folder. To fix this problem delete the folders c:\1stclass\disk1 and c:\1stclass\disk2 Be very careful not to delete the c:\1stclass folder itself. Just to be sure you should back up your grades to diskette before proceeding with this step. Now re-download (RE-DOWNLOAD EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE LATEST VERSION!!!) and re-install 1st Class GradeBook. Instructions are here should you need them: http://1st-class-software.com/cgi-bin/fom.cgi?file=14
2) A defective diskette. Please try again using different diskettes. Make sure you are using high density 1.44MB diskettes.
3) If all else fails you can do this step manually. Basically all the files to be placed on the first of two diskettes are located in c:\1stclass\disk1 and all the files for disk two are located in c:\1stclass\disk2. Just copy the files to diskettes. If the files still won't fit then use your network, zip drive, or archive program to move the disk1 and disk2 folders to the new computer. Then run the setup.exe file located in the disk1 folder. If you are unsure how to accomplish this ask your system administrator / computer consultant to help you carry out the steps.
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