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I am installing a new version of 1st Class GradeBook. What will happen to my grades? Will I need to transfer them?
If you install the new version over top (in the same folder) as the older version you will not have to do anything. When you run the new version of 1st Class GradeBook your grades database will automatically be upgraded. You will not need to do anything. If, however, you are installing to a new folder you will need to copy all files of type ".1st" from your old folder into your new folder. Use the FILE - OPEN command from inside the gradebook to open your grades database file. If you are not sure how to copy your grades file from the old folder to the new folder then just load your grades from your backup diskette. Use the FILE - OPEN command and choose the A: drive. Now select your grades database file and click on the OK button. If you still cannot manage to copy your grades database file to your new folder then contact your system administrator/computer consultant for assistance.
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