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Troubleshooting - Reports / Printing
This section addresses problems with reports and/or printing.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) I am having printing problems. What should I do?
(Answer) Report pages don't break where I want them to. What can I do?
(Answer) When I print any of the "elementary..." reports one of the subjects appears to be out of order. What should I do?
(Answer) When I try to run reports I get a message saying "Error in Formula". What should I do?
(Answer) When printing reports I wish the activities/assignments to appear in a different order. What can I do?
(Answer) I want to create/modify my own reports. How can I do that?
(Answer) How do I print?
(Answer) The spreadsheet grade report comes up blank. What is wrong?
(Answer) When I try to print the SPREADSHEET GRADE REPORT in landscape an error occurs saying "ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION". What should I do?

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