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I Didn't receive my order yet!
Make sure you ordered the shipped edition of our software.
Check your electronic receipt or credit card statement.  If
you paid $69.99 then you did NOT order the disks 
and manual.  If you paid $84.98 then you did order the disks
and manual. (Please note that amounts vary slightly due to 
exchange rate fluctuations.)  If you want to order the disks
and manual please follow these instructions:

Please allow 3 weeks for your order to arrive. If you have 
not received your order after 3 weeks then send an email 
to support@1st-class-software.com and we will re-ship your 
order immediately. Check your electronic receipt to make 
sure you have given us your correct address.

If you want to get started right away follow these instructions:

1) Download and Install.  Instructions are available at 

2) Get an unlock key online.  Instructions are available at

That's it. Now you are ready to go.
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