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I cannot find / access my grades. What should I do?
Let's say the name of your database file was abc.1st

1) In the c:\1stclass folder rename abc.bk1, abc.bk2 and abc.bk3 
to recov1.1st, recov2.1st and recov3.1st respectively. Note that 
one or more of these files may not exist.
2) Before doing anything more we are going to make a copy of your
database on your hard disk.  Start up the gradebook and click on
FILE - SAVE AS.  Enter any 8 character name you wish (that has not 
already been used) and then click OK.  It would suggest something
like orig.1st
3) Start up the gradebook and use the File - Open command to try 
out each of the recov files. Hopefully one of these files has 
your most recent information.  If you do not see the files you
renamed then you did not do step 1 properly.  You may want to get
your system administrator/computer consultant to help you.
4) If steps 1 through 3 fail you should go back to your last backup 
on diskette and work from there.
5) If all of the above fails check if there is a file name abc.old. 
If there is try renaming it to recov4.1st. Now use the File - Open 
command to open recov4.1st. This file will contain your grades 
as of the last upgrade you performed.
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