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How do I transfer my grades to another computer?
Transferring grades from one computer to another is fairly straight forward. 
If you want to move your grades from, let's say computer 1 to computer 2, 
then you would do the following:
1) Place a blank formatted disk in drive A: on computer 1 
2) From the 1st Class GradeBook main screen choose FILE - BACKUP DATABASE 
and click OK. 
3) Take the diskette to computer 2 and place it in drive A: 
4) From the 1st Class GradeBook main screen choose FILE - OPEN. 
5) Choose A: drive. Your database should appear in the list of files. 
6) Click on your database and then click OK. 
7) After the database loads you can go to any of the 1st Class GradeBook 
screens to work on your grades.
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