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Can you give me detailed downloading and installation instructions?
Before you begin ensure that you have at least 15MB free disks space 
on your hard disk.  You can do this by using the RIGHT mouse button
to click on the c: drive icon.  (You can find the c: drive icon by
double clicking on "My Computer").  Then choose "Properties".  The free
space must be at least 15MB.

You can download the latest version of 1st Class GradeBook from our 
web site at http://www.1st-class-software.com/download.html Once on 
the download web page click on the appropriate link to begin 
downloading. Most browsers will then ask you where you would like 
to save the file to. You can choose any directory you like EXCEPT 
the c:\1stclass directory but do take note of where you are saving 
it to. Do NOT try saving to diskette since the file is too large to 
fit on one diskette. (After installing successfully you can use the 
TOOLS - MAKE INSTALL DISKS to make two installation disks to take 
to another computer.)

After the download is complete you should run the file you have 
just downloaded. You should be able to find this file since you 
just noted where you saved it to. You should get a screen that 
allows you the option of choosing SETUP. Click on the SETUP button. 
Once the unzipping process is complete the setup program for 
1st Class GradeBook will automatically begin. Choose the appropriate 
options. If you are unsure choose the defaults. After the install 
is complete and you have re-started windows run 1st Class GradeBook. 
Check the version number to ensure that your installation was successful. 
You can check what version of 1st Class GradeBook you currently have 
installed by going to the main 1st Class GradeBook screen and choosing 
ABOUT 1ST CLASS GRADEBOOK from the HELP menu. The version number 
should look something like 7.0s.

*** IMPORTANT: If you run into trouble installing the gradebook make 
sure you check the following:

1) If you are installing on Windows 2000 or NT or on a network make 
sure you are logged in as administrator with full permissions.
2) Disable "Fool Proof" or a similar software that protects and 
restores directories to their original state after each reboot, if 
you are running such software.
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