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How can students or parents access the webserver outside of my schools local network?
Although you can run the webserver on a local network this is not the only configuration possible. The gradebook program is basically its own webserver so it can be run on any windows server. Without know details of any specific situation I would suggest a configuration like this:
1) Load up 1st Class GradeBook on a windows server. Say the server's name is www.schoolgradeserver.com 2) To upload grades just copy over the grades file to the server and open that database. 3) If the server you are running 1st Class Gradebook webserver on is also a web server then configure 1st Class to use a port other than 80 (say 81). 4) Now use php, frames or a plain old link like http://www.schoolgradeserver.com:81 to integrate the reporting into your school website.
There is no reason why the gradebook program can't be used like a regular web server. It can run on the same box as a regular web server or on it's own server. Just change the portit listens on to something other than 80 if there is already a webserver on that server.
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