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How Do I Use Your Web Based Feature?

Web Based Reports
1. Introduction to Web Based Reports
2. Student Information Set Up
3. Report Web Server Set Up
4. Using the Report Web Server Feature
1. Introduction
The web based report feature allows students and teachers to access grades from anywhere within a network. Teachers will give or email students their student ID and password which will allow them to view their own grades in a report form, anytime the teacher allows.
2. Student information Set up
2.1 Click on the Student button from the main screen of the gradebook.
2.2 When entering a student’s information you must have the Student ID and their Password filled out in order for this feature to work. Teachers must then provide their students with their student ID and Password so they can access their grades. You can also email the students their information by using the Student Password Report, this report has their student ID and their password.
3. Report Web Server Set up
3.1 Click on the setup screen from the main page of the gradebook.
3.2 Choose the “Report Web Server” Tab.
3.3 A default “Web Server Port” is selected for you, if you would like to change it click in the “Web Server Port” box, enter the port you wish to use and click “Set”.
3.4 Click on the “Report Server On” Button to turn the server on, this along with running the software will allow students to access their grades, if in the off position they will be unable to view their grades.
3.5 The “Web-Server can be accessed at:” box will appear and will automatically have the name of your computer along with the IP address filled in. Teachers can then provide their students with either the name of their computer or their IP address and the student can put this information into the address line of their web browser to get the “Online Student Report” Login screen, which will allow them to view their grades.
3.6 Before giving the student the address information to access their grades make sure you use the test button to verify that the screen can be access through the addresses that were automatically generated.
4. Using the Report Web Server Feature
4.1 Once you have set up the Student Information and the Report Web Server you can start to use the web feature. In order for Students to access their grades you must have the Report Server Turned on and the Software must be left open (running), to verify if you have the Report Server on you can go to the main screen of the software and in the top right corner next to the lock button will be the status of the Report Server if it is not turned on go to the setup screen and select the Report Web Server Tab and click on “Report Server on” Then click ok, this will allow students to access the information they need.
4.2 The Lock Screen Feature allows you to keep the gradebook running for students to access their grades while you leave the computer unattended. Activating this feature will lock 1st Class GradeBook and require a password when logging on. It is advisable that you use this feature if you are going to leave your computer unattended, this will prevent others from gaining access to your gradebook. This feature can be activated by going to the main screen of the gradebook and click on the “Lock Screen” button in the top right corner and a Login Screen will appear which will require your password. If you have not activated your password you can do so by going to the main screen of your gradebook and select Setup and then under the General Tab enter your password and retype your password.
4.3 Once the report server is on students can then access their grades by entering the computer name or IP address given of the computer 1st Class GradeBook is running on, into their web browser. This will bring the student to the 1st Class GradeBook Online Student Report Screen where they can then enter their student ID and Password that was provided to them then they can select the report they would like to view and Select Run Report. The student will need to have Microsoft Word installed or use Microsoft Word Viewer; they will be prompted if they do not have Microsoft Word installed.
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