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Unlocking Grade Book without internet access
I downloaded your gradebook software onto my home computer and ordered the floppy disks as backup. I was able to register online and get my unlock key. Since I need to have the software on both my home and school computers, I used the disks to load the software at school. I am the only teacher using the software. Evidently I need an unlock key for that which is different from the one at home. But I am unable to get online from school. How can I activate the software so I can work both at home and at school?
Simply write down the registration code from the gradebook at home and at school. It does not matter that the code keeps changing. You do not need to leave the gradebook running. Email or phone in these codes and we will give you the unlock keys for each registration code. You can then go back to these computers at any time and type in the unlock keys.
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