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GradeBook reinstall
Another instructor purchased 2 copies of 1st class gradebook- she is using one and I'm using the other. I was able to use the program without difficulty. Today, I noticed it has been deleted from my computer. I am able to access all the files, but cannot read them. I no longer have the start-up disks. I was hoping that I could download a "free trial" from the website and access my saved files that way, but I am unable to download it. I think I need either the start up disks again (not sure if I can get them- I returned them to the other instructor- not sure what she did with them), or I need to know/obtain a program I can open my files in. I have saved/backed-up my files, but these are also unopenable without the program running first. Can you help?

Please do a search on your computer and see if you have this file 1stclass.exe or you can search for the 1STCLASS folder which should have all the files you need to run 1st class. if you can find one of these then you can run the software and then you can make back up disks ( you can go to the tools menu and select Make Install Disks) If you want to look for your grades file you can do a search for any file with the extension .1st you can do this by entering *.1st (the * means search for anything and then .1st) Does the other instructor who purchased with you still use the software. If they do they you can go to their computer and make a copy of the software (again by going to the Tools menu and selecting Make install disks) they you would just need to register the software (no cost to registering as long as you stay with the version you purchased) another option is to purchase the upgrade, the upgrade cost $34.99US. Please let me know if you need any more assistance.

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