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I currently run on Windows 98. I want to upgrade to Windows XP
I currently run on Windows 98. I want to upgrade to Windows XP. I have been using your software for over a year: Version 8.1d. Will anything happen to this application when I upgrade? Should I take any precautionary measures so that I don't lose any marks that I already have? Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Please make sure you back up your software to disk ( Go to the tools menu and select Make install disks) and make sure you back up your grades to disk also. Once you have done that you then can install your new version of windows and then register your software. I will include registering (getting your unlock key) information at the end of this email(or you can email me your registration code, serial number, phone number and zip code given at the time of purchase). Please let me know if you need any more assistance.

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