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New! Built in web server! Teachers, students & parents can login to see their grades!

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If you don't like our Grade Book we'll pay you $50.00 ! No Joking. We're so sure you'll love our easy to use, feature packed, GradeBook program that we will pay you $50.00 if you don't like it.

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Grading Software Reviews

"I have used other grading programs, but 1st Class GradeBook is by far the best! It has many powerful features and best of all it is easy to use!"

-- Prof. Leroy Eid, University of Windsor

"1st Class GradeBook is an intuitive, easy to use grades program. I was impressed with the number of reports. My colleagues were so impressed with the reports that they purchased 1st Class GradeBook without even seeing it!"
-- Dan Rumfeld, Texas

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Are paper Grade Book's completely out of date?

Gone are the days of the paper gradebook. School boards are now requiring teacher's provide parents and students with up to date grades and averages more often. Many schools and even entire school districts are requiring students and parents have access to online grades.

Escaping the advance of technology is becoming impossible. Paper grade books are like vinyl records, you can still find them, but their vintage material, out of the main stream. Even grading software programs without the ability to publish grades on the internet are being squeezed out. Teacher's are sending a message to their grading software suppliers, "Its time to upgrade or be outdated."

On the other hand some of the newer online gradebooks are slow and clunky. They lack the feature rich reports and fast data input of taylored software interfaces. 1st Class Software has an interested combination. They provide perhaps the easiest interface and most report and feature rich grading program on the market today with a built in web server. Teacher's can turn their computer in a webserver to keep students and parents up to date. It also has a powerful feature to mail those same reports out to the parents and students.

Yes the days of the paper gradebook are gone. Todays new gradebooks are web enabled, allowing teachers, students and parents to get grades online or by email.

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